Why do reviewers typically only hold things for review when I add review notes?

I’m not joking, like literally every time I think a sound might get rejected and I don’t write a review note explaining why it should be approved, it gets approved. And then for no apparent reason when I add a review note to a sound I expect to be approved that people have already bought from me either on another platform or privately, they hold it for review…
So, should Envato just remove review notes since they seem to only confuse these fragile reviewers and thus waste company time? I’ve seen no benefit from them no matter how many notes I write, they almost always somehow lead to a sound getting held for review or rejected, whereas when I submit a similar sound without any notes, it just gets approved.

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I’m sorry to ask but… why do you insiste on writing notes?! :grin:

If your items get rejected when you’re writing notes, then stop writing notes.

Why wouldn’t I? I would have to think Envato wouldn’t waste thousands of dollars hiring web developers and designers to construct a whole note system unless they meant for it to be used.

But why would they construct a note system unless they wanted people to use it? If I have a case to make for some special attribute of a file or why it should be approved then why shouldn’t the reviewers simply do their job of actually reading the notes instead of procrastinating? They’re way over complicating it and wasting even more time when all they need to do is read the notes to decide if it’s reasonable information. If it is, then all they need to do is hit the approve button. My stuff is seldom cliche or low quality and I definitely see lower quality cliche items approved on a daily basis, there’s no excuse for a note causing a higher review/rejection rate.

If you have to go out of your way to make a case for why a file should be approved, chances are it’s not the kind of file AJ is looking for. If for whatever reason you think leaving notes is foiling the chances of your items getting approved, then don’t leave any notes.

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I find your chance assertion is wholly wrong and represents an extremely disappointing precedent coming from a moderator that is indicative of what now makes sense as the same cavalier attitude that the reviewers have, based on my experience with many sounds across multiple platforms and simply society in general. Under your reasoning, anyone who advertises anything automatically has bad products and should go bankrupt (so you’re saying Envato should go bankrupt now…). Under your reasoning, people who argue that they’re innocent are automatically guilty and thrown in jail without a trail (and now you’re pro-dictatorship). Under your reasoning, anyone that publishes a new discovery of anything is wrong (and now you’re anti-science).

Not only is it an unwise assumption to begin with, but the only reason I ever make a case and specifically only on audio jungle is because I see the reviewers make mistakes and see complaints from established authors about rejections that have no reasonable basis. After 3-4 years here on AJ, I really have very little faith in them to be rational or competent, like for instance treating sfx like music and rejecting them for being too short even though they’re suppose to only be 1 second long. But some times if a note item gets rejected and it’s a high quality item that I put a lot of work into or that customers have already indicated interest in, I’ll simply change the name/title/description/category of that audio and upload it without a note only to have a reviewer eventually approve it and then make sales, thus validating that it should have been approved in the first place.

But even besides that, me not leaving notes doesn’t fix the issue that is causing Envato’s reviewers to mistreat notes in the first place, it shouldn’t be an issue for anyone at any time and it’s costing your company money both in wasted time and lost revenue.

If your notes are as long-winded and annoying as your postings are its no wonder they don’t bother reading it. I think you are the one over-complicating things.

Logic, like whisky, loses its beneficial effect when taken in too large quantities. :wink:

Yet another cavalier assumption that helps no one, and rude on top of it, please stop being a toxic troll. As far as I remember, only one note I sent was long. The rest were one or two sentences.

Not that your assumption is correct, but their alleged conscious choice to ignore logic at the expense of their company and the community is their own fault. As far as I remember, only one note I sent was long. The rest were one or two sentences.

I just love always reading your constant notes on the forum - Approved.

I just love how after all this time you still try and instigate fights for no reason other than to fester toxicity.

Temporarily held in queue.

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