Why did today's theme developers start to forget about the original themeforest idea?



Let us make this discussion Frank. Tell me, what is the main idea of Themeforest? Initially, the idea of themeforest-to simplify the use of wordpress for the average user. Why modern trends themeforest follow diametrically opposed to this idea? Each new themeforest theme has 5 option pages, 50 panels in customizer and several built-in “visual editors and page builders”. The result is that the user is not easy to use, and hundreds of new settings and the need to learn these settings. Is this trend close to the original idea of themeforest? New themes become a layout, a kind of “area” for creating your own sites. We began to forget about the essence of the template: it is intended to be used, not to create. Today the developers of the very much blur the boundaries between the “Builders” and “themes”. The idea of the theme is that it doesn’t need to be created. You agree?

“For a separate-separate.” If a person wants to create websites-let him use specialized plugins and services. If he needs a ready-made site for a quick start on the Internet - let him use the theme. Why are you mixing this together?


More versatility and flexibility = wider appeal, which means:

  1. more earnings for authors
  2. a greater chance of the customer getting closer to what they want than a traditionally rigid template allows


As an occasional buyer, I can tell you that I prefer as much flexibility as I can get, in terms of easy and fast to use customization. For my customers it’s great, because I can show them an easy way to customize their look, should they wish to do so. For me, it means less time spent modifying the theme source code, creating child themes, and whatnot. And I can be more confident that every website made with a certain template will not look exactly the same.

Demo content import is always welcome as well, since I can see how parts that I like are being used, and simply copy those.

The only downside I see is that some authors don’t care about performance at all. But still, nothing that a bit of caching can’t help.