Why am I getting a Failed - Network Error?

I am trying to download new elements for a project I am working on but the server will not let me complete the downloads. I keep getting a “Failed - Network Error” message and even if I retry or try another item to download I get the same message.

I have restarted the computer, I have logged out and back into my Envato elements account. My account is in good standing. I have a strong internet connection. I can’t find what would be causing this other than a connection issue to Envato elements itself. I need help…

Edit: I have also tried multiple browsers. No luck on any of them. All returning the seem problem. Network issues. Again, I assume that is the Envato network from where I am trying to download the item from.


Please contact Elements Support. Elements Support Team will be happy to check it for you.


I am having exactly the same problem (for the last 18 hours). I’ve tried all the above, even swapped networks to try downloading, but no joy. Everything I try to download is failing.

Most error messages say “Failed - Network error”, but some say “Failed - Forbidden”

I’ve logged a ticket with support, but I cannot wait 3 days for a reply as I have deadlines. Please can someone help? I use this subscription for work purposes & waiting 3 days is never really going to work in a fast paced creative industry (as I’m always going to miss quick turnaround deadlines – which is why pre-made mockups work so well…to smash work out).

Is there any way of getting an online chat or other means of contacting you guys?

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Yep, having the same issues for the past few days…

I’m having this issue nearly every single day. Sometimes on small files, but most often with 500mb + files. I’m on a strong wired connection so I know it’s not my end.

I have the same problem and have had this for a month

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Same here, started a couple of weeks ago. Before that I had zero issues with large files


the same happens to me !

I have the same error and support doesn’t answer

24th July 2021, 10:00 AM GMT +8

i have been facing the same problem for more than 2 weeks now. Downloading from different sites seems to work just fine. Any update from Envato?