Which Product goes with Which Website?? How Can I Tell???

So I have three different instances of Visual Composer purchased. Today I logged into one of the websites and it asked me to update it. But it would not update and it’s saying that the license is not valid. However… when I log into envato.com, all three licenses are current.

BUT! I can’t tell which product goes with which website because they are not labeled in any way.

A) How can I tell them apart?

B) Any idea of why it’s saying my license is not valid, when it’s been valid for months and months, and is still current??

If the plugin was bundled with a theme then you can’t use a license to update it - in that case the author of the theme it came with would need to provide the update

It was not in a bundle. I purchased it outright. And… I’ve updated it before through WordPress.

I still do not have an answer for this, and I’m back to the same issue… which website goes with which license! Code Canyon needs to display this somewhere!

Heya @orchiddoug

CodeCanyon does not have any sort of system for activating products you purchase. The only thing it does is generate a purchase code. Any license activation system is therefore implemented by the author of the item.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that you should seek the answer from the author of Visual Composer (now WPBakery Page Builder) (who happens to be @wpbakery).

Apparently at their support site support.wpbakery.com there should be a “Support Portal License Management” section (source).

Hope that helps you sort it out! :smiley:

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