Which license sells good?

Hi , thank you for looking this, I am ready to be a author here, we come from China ,Shang Hai. We are working hard to prepare a projects for codecanyon. But these days, I found there always are two licenses in every item, one is a very low price(Regular License) , and the other one has a very hight price(Extended License), What’s the different of these two licenses ?

And My Masters, can you tell me which one license sells good and how much account for。

The regular license allows the customer to use the item in one project for personal use where the project he used the item is not sold to others

The extended license allows the buyer to use your item in a project he can sell to others

The most common is the regular and you can optionally allow the extended one if you like.

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Please check out license agreements from here:

Hope you get all answers to your questions :slight_smile: