Where to submit Apple TV apps?

To @KingDog , @scottwills or to whom may concern,
Is it possible to submit Apple TV apps on CodeCanyon -> More -> Apps section?
Unless Envato devs won’t add a specific category on codecanyon someday, we think that it may be the right one to sell Apple TV apps at the present.

Looking forward for your reply, since we’re already ready with something to sell :smile:

Hi @fvimagination! Thanks so much for the suggestion! We’ll pass it along internally for consideration. :thumbsup:

Hi scott, thank you too,
looking forward for your reply!


Please try submitting to Mobile > iOS and highlight/reference in the title/description that the item is for the new Apple TV / tvOS. The technology seems like it is very similar to iOS. Good luck! :thumbsup:

Hi @scottwills
Yes, tvOS uses 90% of iOS frameworks and Swift language, the only thing that stopped us from doing what you’ve actually suggested is that Apple TV is not a Mobile device, that’s why we had thought about More -> Apps section on CodeCanyon.
Anyway, we’ll follow your suggestion and write a note in the message for the Reviewer too while submitting our apps for review.
Thanks so much again!