Where is the token located for purchased themes to update in Wordpress?

I purchased the ENFOLD theme years back multiple times and I see now that I need to enter it’s “personal token key” in Wordpress to get automatic updates. WHERE are the tokens located? I don’t see them on my purchase page.

This is the message I get in Wordpress:

### Theme Updates

Once you have entered and verified your Envato Personal Token Key WordPress will check for updates every 12 Hours and notify you here, if one is available

Your current Enfold Theme Version Number is 4.7.2
(Note that the current version I need to be using is Version

Please see this Help Center article on how to find your purchase code:

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But there is nothing after downloads, so what else can I do? It does not say
‘License certificate & purchase code’ (available as PDF or text file) as it should. I did purchase it 2x in this account and again in another 2 accts but there is no unique license number to see. It shows the 2 version in my downloads but no corresponding numbers.

If the item is listed in your downloads,then click the download button and 4 options should appear below it including the purchase code. Is this not what you see?

omg. I was looking at the OTHER download (top pulldown over profile). LOL! Thank you.