Where do you get your videos for promoting music tracks on Instagram?

Hi guys,
where do you get your promotion videos for instagram and youtube and what program do you use to insert your music? Thanks for your answers.


Hi there, I saw your post and felt like I could help a bit. You can get videos by searching for CC BY videos (these are creative common) videos that you are allowed to use but you must credit the author(s). I also get some videos from pixabay, filmpac and the yearly subscription library of screenflow. I use the app screenflow 8 to edit my videos and to sync the music. I highly recommend. Checkout my youtube video for examples. I would be happy if this can help you out. One helping another. If you would like to subscribe to my channel I would be happy too! :slight_smile: this is the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLaUaVhZptelTv3hHKKPkiA all the best and let me know if you have any question! :slight_smile:


Hi WavebeatsMusic,
thank you for your insight. I really appreciate the detailed information you offered. I looked at your youtube channel and i´m impressed. Well organized! Great work. I do not think I have the time to realize a similar professional appearance on youtube like you.

Thank you!

Hi there, you are more than welcome. Glad you found the tips somehow useful to you and happy to know you liked my channel. It means a lot to me and it only makes me work harder to improve. As for time, I know how hard it is…I also compose for films, teach at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, perform as jazz pianist and teach privately both in person and online. But since last year, I decided to teach a lot less in order to allow for time to start my production music business (WavebeatsMusic). I am glad I did because it is starting to pay off. Sales and income are rising. But, sure, it IS a lot of hard work, sacrifice and discipline. But hey, this is what we most love doing, right? make music! All the best! :slight_smile:

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Hi WavebeatsMusic,
i wish you many sales. Here and maybe on other markets. I think you have every thing that is needed to succeed in this buisness. Maybe you want to explore some new markets that are in need of film music. I found musiclibraryreport very useful. Its worth the money.