What was the reason for the rejection?

This is a song that I sent then was rejected. What do you think was the reason for the rejection?

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I’m sorry, but are you seriously asking for the rejection reason??? This is a joke, come on. Are you aware, that you’re here on a professional media platform?

with real professional sounds, a good mixing and a good mastering, the idea is not bad.

I guess, you forgot the twinlking smiley - or not?
AudioJungle is a professional platform to sell music licenses. It is NOT a place to store music ideas, which needs professional sounds, good mixing and good mastering.

it’s a tip to improve :thinking: :wink:

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I don’t say, that your hints are wrong.

If you have an idea for a new product and you consider to place it on a high competitive market, what is the first thing you’re doing? You compare it to existing products. Is your product on a quality level, which is equal or better to the existing products and gives the customer anything fresh and new? You’re doing this comparison by yourself.

If you need to give hints to a composer like “you need professional sounds, mixing and mastering” on a highly competitive professional platform, what is basically wrong with this product?

it is a shame to remain in the dark. rather to ask him to ask himself the question, let’s give him some leads to dig. in my humble opinion. but I’m a little too Samaritan.

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other than that, I’m following you because I like your job even though you’ve only been here for 1 year.

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@ED-MusicProductions it’s not my intention to remain in the dark.

@Ken_T : Have you ever compared your music creations to existing items in the same genre (or a similar) here on AJ? This is the first thing you need to do. I’m sorry to say that, but your item is far from a level for any chance of sale. Composing, sounds, mixing and mastering. And that’s the reason why you catched a rejection - it would simply not sell. There are too many issues. If you compare your music to existing items from successful authors, you’ll have a chance to identify the issues.
Also consider: Your creation should support a product - not the opposite. Try to download a video which fits to your genre, delete the existing audio and watch the video with your audio. Then ask yourself, if you would buy a license with your music to support the video. If you’re absolutely sure, then you can upload the item to AJ.

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Some spanish feeling.

I would approach the feedback in a totally different way. @Ken_T this track is indeed far away from the standard that is needed. Try to take the feedback in a positive way and when you’re really interested in producing music tracks in this highly competitive RF surrounding, which can provide a steap learning curve, try to improve on all levels. If you have it in you to compose, make music and learn: look for better samples, instruments, software etc…, learn from bestsellers (structure, reference, whats in demand). Learn mixing/mastering. There are tutorials on YT and many free (reasonable) vst’s. After that you can buy some good libraries and build on that. I know, because I did it myself. Don’t think it’s easy, because you need to be critical of yourself. This is my 2cent. Good luck!


Thank you for many opinions.

I think music is very good, but lacking in instrument quality and dynamics.

Needs to Improve. I don’t demotivate you, do some hard work gave your best performance.

It’s actually pretty good for an rpg game like older Final Fantasy series or some modern indie! Just not really “stock” music…

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