What to do with banned user?


so I think it’s a first time that someone who claims his account was for some reason closed/banned by Envato is asking how can he get updates for out themes and access to support. Not sure what are the official rules to handle that? His license key is not validating anymore, that I checked, but generally he paid for our theme and was using it already for couple months and we didn’t had any problems with that user, he asked for support couple times and that’s all. So I feel now like I’m not fair by refusing access to our theme if he paid for it.

Unfortunately if you were to help or provide updates then you would also be breaking envato rules.

Once an account or purchase is disabled then the license (and subsequently support and updates) is revoked and no longer active.

You can ask support but I’d be 99% sure this is what they will say also because there’s no way for you to validate the legitimacy of their claim as to why their account was disabled.

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Don’t entertain that customer. Their account was most likely banned because they did a sale reversal due to fraudulent transaction. You lost the money, why keep them?

Maybe Envato should make it clearer to all users that breaking their rules has consequences.

People hardly ever believe their actions result in consequences. Losing all update possibilities is a good reason to behave.