What kind of items can be easily approve on envato?

I’m web developer. I can do web design and development. I spend a lot of time to to know that what kind of item i should upload, because it is not easy to develop a big theme or any other cms. So can you guide me which kind of item i should start work on it that i can make my portfolio on envato. I’m good in HTML, CSS, PHP, Jquery (Photoshop beginner ).

There is no such thing as an easier type of file to get approved.

People assume that emails, PSD, coming soon or 1 pagers are simpler because there is less to them - these may require less work but in actual fact are harder to get approved in many cases as the marketplace is flooded with them and there is less for a reviewer to base their “premium value” on meaning that what is there needs to be both creative and technically perfect.

The short answer to our question is to develop whatever you feel most comfortable with.

HTML is always going to be easier than a full WP theme but if the design is decent, the code well written and it’s not lifted or overly inspired by another file on here then you have a good chance with whatever category or style you choose.

Useful answer, Thanks Charlie4282