What is this theme?


Which theme does searchenginejournal use? It looks like ‘enfold’ but looked a bit different to me. It looks also like ‘divi’ theme.

They have down arrows on the menu, also mega menu, and blog pages looked a little bit different to me.
(example post here: http://www.searchenginejournal.com/marketingnerds-marla-johnson-finding-audience/140762/)

Any comments will be appreciated.

Seems like Search Engine Journal is using a custom Theme, You may be able to find similar themes on the market :smile:

Tried searching it but with no luck. Though I recall them posting about it quite some time ago.

I do believe this is a custom theme and if not, it was developed in a way to remove all resources.

They’re pretty responsive though and have always been good about sharing details openly.

My suggestion would be take a moment and write them. Let them know how much you like it.

Explain that it’s not your intention to copy their website, but curious because you like the theme.

They may share how they came across it. Who knows. The worst they can do is say no to you.

Mm, yes. I was a little bit afraid to hear “why i am that much interested” in their theme, but probably this is a custom theme, maybe they will tell the name of the original theme.

I am in no way a professional, probably this will not be a very big problem for them.

I in fact checked hundreds of themes, but i couldn’t find the exact match.

Thanks for all replies.

I asked them and the answer was very brief :smile:

  • “It’s custom.”

No other details.