what is the minimum server or hosting spec requirement

Dear Sir/Mdm,

I bought 2 theme. May i know what is the minimum requirement to host these theme?

ram memory
hard disk space


  1. Simen - MultiPurpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme

  2. Supershop - Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Only the theme author can provide you with that information, so contact the respective authors via their designated support channels.

But any minimum requirements given to you are to be viewed with caution, as every WordPress setup is different. The theme itself is just one item, but the number and scope of active plugins will in the end determine what type of server you really need, and no theme author can know ahead of time what additional plugins you are using for your particular site. A theme author can only consider the theme itself and any plugins that might be bundled with the theme.

So even if you fulfill the minimum requirement given for one particular theme or plugin, it might still not be enough, if you are running many other additional plugins on top of that.