What is really the problem here?

Hi there, :blush:
I am sooo new to envato market and I am not so sure, If I am displaying my issue to the right forum!!!
After 2-3 soft rejections, I finally managed to upload my first xmas flyer! But unfortunately 15 minutes ago, I received this message from envato market team:
"A recent re-review of your item has revealed the quality to be lower than what we usually approve an item at. Please work on the typography of your design and make sure all fonts work well together, do not look bland or out of place and compliment the design layout instead of going against it.
Take a look at these links for info on visual hierarchy, pairing fonts together and typography tips."
But this is very general and I honestly do not know what I have to fix…
Could anyone help me understand the problem???


Thank you for your time!

hi buddy well this is issue is quite incredible! they approve and then come back, i cannot identify how this is possible … . Besides your work is cool, which doesn’t mean this is perfect all eth same and yes they are also right there are some thing to fix when it comes to both organization a bit and typo things too. For me, if there’s no problem at all about the main font combination (titles), u need to make sure to arrange in a better way the footer. By the way, i am not sure that putting so many DJs is such a good idea, but u may do with it if u really want to keep them, u just need to find a way to place things ipso that it looks visually attractive and looks well organized there. You should in particular try to place the longest text in the middle to ensure more balance.

As for what i identify part of your problem is the sort of slope that have with main titles as giving titles an angle will not help you to arrange other texts tastily but this is working well like this and u need to find a way to arrange additional texts indeed.

One of the problem is also that the date is not springing out when people would like to have it noticed and if u just display edges of it, this is hard to read in the end … .

I would personally recommend that u associate the date with the name of the club on top of the flyer or least if u wanna keep it the same place that u align it horizontally with Christ. I think that the date should also be in the same typo as the company’s name by the way to create more harmony again indeed.

To get into further details and to really take your item to the next level, u may also choose to change the typo for “party” and elect one even better looking and try to bring a small effect on this one.

I would also personally set the company name in white or in the same kind of style as “party”, it may look not springing out this much in the screen in a way but white is popping out much much more when printed and once printed it should be quite cool

Just keep in mind that here typo is much of an issue until they almost sometimes forget about the other things, which is also discussable , but this is the way things go and u (we all by the way) have to do with it …

Hi @pluscollor, for starters the date is hard to read, so that is the first thing that needs to be updated, (changing the color and putting a gradient brush layer behind it, might fix it).

The lower text isn’t centered, and appears to be left indexed, so centering that is next.

And the party shadow is a contradiction? Do you want the background as flat of 3D?

Good luck.


Hi there,
Thank you very much for all the comments, you were really very analysing and helpful. So, I made some corrections and I uploaded it again.
We’ll see…
Thanx again!

Hi there,
Thank you very much for all the comments, you were right about the alingment… So, I made some corrections and I uploaded it again today, hopefully it will pass this time…
We’ll see…
Thanx again!

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They’ve told you quite clearly what you need to work on. I can see immediately that COMPANY NAME and SUPER DISCO are in a font that’s a complete miss match with the others, it looks bad. Just work on the typography like they said. :blush:

Hi there, thank you for your feedback, I really appreciate it, but one thinκ I cannot understand…
The Company name and the Club name are going to be changed, aren’t they? This is only the preview. The buyer will probably put the right logo in both positions, so why is the typo so important? I am so sort but I am so new to this and I do not know the rules…:confused:

Yes, they will change what the text says. But the text still has to be done right in terms of its style, colour, font, spacing, size etc. Because a buyer might change the name to their club, but if they were going to change everything about the style of the text, why buy a template in the first place? The point is to offer something that looks good already for buyers, so they don’t have a lot of work to do after they buy it.

Ok, I got it! I believed that the buyer was going to out their logo, not just plain font, so that did not concern me so much…
I really appreciate your help to all this…

Than you so much :grinning:


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