What is minimum quality requirements for a plugin ?


What is the minim requirement for quality on codecanyon WordPress plugin ? I don’t feel any issue with my item but still its rejected :frowning_face:
While I say some of products which are of no quality or design but living there though they don’t have sales.
Give me your response please

CodeCanyon is for top-quality, premium plugins only, so when uploading a plugin:

  • There should be no free alternatives available anywhere with the same or more features.
  • There should be no similar items already available on CodeCanyon unless your item has a significant number of new, unique, and valuable features.
  • It should have fairly good design.
  • It should avoid causing conflicts with other popular plugins.
  • It must not generate any errors, warnings, or notices with debugging enabled.
  • It must be up-to-date with the latest WordPress standards.
  • It must not contain any security vulnerabilities (SQL injection, XSS, etc).
  • It must not be poorly optimized (use best practices for memory).
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Thank you very much, all those details are done but still we got rejected :frowning: now what ?

If you post a link to your demo here on the forums, someone may be able to give you their opinion and/or suggestions.

mportfolio.galaxy-themes.com you may have a check now …