What can I do with my music after deleting it from my library? Publishing on streaming platforms?

Hello there,

Long story short: several years ago, I have started producing music on demand as a service. For some of the music pieces which “doesn’t make it” I decided to give them a shot and put them on a royalty music platform.

Obviously on many reasons I choose to use Envato Audio Jungle – Exclusively.

Right now, I want to delete some of it from the platform and release it using CDbaby (publishing on all major audio streaming platforms) and Bandcamp as well.
I am trying to find a short answer, but without any success. That’s why my best shot is asking the community.

  • Can I, do it? (Some of the songs may have been purchased on the platform, some of it not)
  • Do I have to change names, or I can not do this? (It is obvious I will use another music alias)
  • Do anyone have done this? (Using CDbaby and Bandcamp, after removing their music from AudioJungle).

Thank you in advance.


You can release them for listening purposes on streaming platforms and bandcamp and keep them on Audiojungle too. It doesn’t interfere with exclusivity or licensing terms.
Hope it helps!


MARiAN is right, you can release that music and still keep those tracks on AudioJungle as exclusive author. Titles don’t need to be changed. You can read this article where they explain what can be done.


Thank you!
I have read the article that @SuzanaTArt point, but it does not tell anything about these two questions?

  1. Can I release my songs using different name as a author. Right now my account name is Default-Vibration-Studio. What about I want to use another alias let’s say John Doe, while still using the original name of the song. Can I presume there will be nor problem, as it wasn’t mentioned on the article?

2.What about if I decide to delete a song from my library, is it free from the “chains”? Can I do whatever I will have in mind with it?

You can use different name. Deleting song from your exclusive account removes exclusivity and then you can use it any way you wish.

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You can do whatever you want with your music, with the exception of selling sync licenses at other libraries if you are exclusive.

You can release every song with a new name and new artist name for each one if you’d like, while still selling here. Extend, shorten, remix. Whatever. You can also rename every song here at AudioJungle if you want the new titles to match.

If you go non-exclusive or delete the music, you can do exactly whatever you like with the music, under any name, and at any platform (also sync licensing elsewhere).

You still own 100% of the copyright and publishing. Envato and AudioJungle only temporarily have the right to license out the music for you. Nothing else.

There are other libraries out there that do take partial ownership of the music (especially publishing, which can limit what you can do), but this is not one of them.

Go ahead, set your music free! :slight_smile:


Respect @jackk44 :vulcan_salute:
These kind of information has to be include in the article

Everything in one place!

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