What are you listening to right now?


Goosebumps … listen at least until 2:30 before deciding if you like it or not

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Today is a surf day!


Listening to a new single from one of my favorite bands!


They are wonderful! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:
Also, the saxophone solo is amazing. :saxophone:

3:58 - I really like how this chromatic scale is harmonized.


Yes! 've discovered maestro Joan not so far ago and being more and more admired.
His grown brass girls (Rita, Andrea, Alba, Eva…) are just brilliant.

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Yes, I can listen to them for hours.

They all! They are all great musicians! :slight_smile:

There is a documentary about Joan Chamorro and the Sant Andreu Jazz Band called “A Film About Kids and Music”. They are based in Barcelona, like me :slight_smile:

I have millions of great tracks that I love...

Sure no doubt!


Thank you! I know about the film but still didn’t reach out to see. Will do soon.

From the first seen videos (with Rita) I had mistakenly thought they are Brazilians, haha. Mostly because of the music performance, lightful and weightless like a feather. (For me European and especially American jazz usually tends more to academistic solidity). And the singing manner transparent to voiceless, which always reminds Jobim’s style and followed trends.

That’s great, you can see them easily :slight_smile:

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love her old songs :star_struck:

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