Weding Album Proofing Template or Plug-IN

I would like to know if anyone has managed to design or build a template or plug-in that would allow me to host an Album Design Proofing.
Currently there are online services on the market like Pixellu SmartAlbums - but theyr products and service cost too much.
I would have the resource to host my own proofing server but I cannot find anything that can do that.

Practically I need to show to my customers they album design and allow them to access their password protected album and make comments on individual pages.

Thank you


Do you have your site? You will not get out of box solution. You will need some custom work. If you want I can give you a quote.

I have my Website and I want to redirect customers to my home server.
Yes - I would like a quote - and an idea about how much it would cost.

Thank you.