Wedding Slideshow Help

Hey guys.

Looking for someone who might be willing to help me put together an After Effects template for a photo slideshow that will be shown at my wedding next year.

What I’m looking for, is a slideshow similar to Wayman’s “Memories II” project on Videohive. The only modifications I would need, really, are to allow me to display 2 photos side by side, changing at different intervals.

The reason for this is that I came up with an idea to have photos of myself and of my wife shown separately, and then coming together at a certain point to show photos of us together.

The idea is for it to be a year-over-year slideshow, that starts in 1987 and ends in 2017.

Since I was born in 1987, the slideshow would begin with a single “film” of photos being cycled, until we get to 1992, which is when my fiancee was born, and then we would have 2 separate “films” cycling through photos side by side.

I would show about 3-4 photos per year. Maybe a 5-6 second length between years.

When we get to the year 2013 (the year we met) I would want the 2 “film reels” to somehow fade into each other then cycle through photos of us together, until 2017.

The background music will be Bastille’s Pompeii. I can edit the song to match the amount of time needed to display the photos.

I bought the Memories II template from Wayman, and tried fooling around with it in After Effects, but its too much for me to handle.

Even if someone can take his template, and modify it for me, so then all I have to do is add the photos.

Please let me know if anyone wants to work with me on this. Will gladly pay for the work.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Tronny87

Feel free to contact me via my profile page. we can discuss about this job.



I am interested!
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Thank you