Web translation problem Locotranslate


I just bought Avada theme, and I am having trouble translating terms through Locotranslate. I am able to find these terms, and I am able to change them, and save changes, but they are not being changed/translated in the frontend. The ones I can not change are:

  1. Details button on the product in shop page of Woocommerce

  2. “You have … item in your cart” in cart page of Woocommerce

  3. “ View cart” in a) product in shop page; b) cart page; c) menu on cart icon dropdown menu

  4. “Checkout” in menu on cart icon dropdown menu

  5. “Hello … (not you/sign out)” in cart page

All the other ones I managed to change/translate with no issues, but the ones I stated I can’t. These changes are in the theme, not in the Woocommerce.

Can you please help me by giving me detailed instructions how to translate these items. Thank you!

This link may OR MAY NOT help but it might steer you in the right path:

Alternatively request help from the author who might be better placed to answer your question.

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Hi @hanab2005,

Please contact theme Author Avada Author Support and let them know. Theme Author will be happy to assist you.