web designer


for co-working i’m looking for web designer

and somebody how is well connectied with envato

myskype is:david_anastasiadi


You will get a better response if you explain what you can do eg design, develop etc. Links to your portfolio/works; And what you need someone else to do. Thanks


I want someone ellse to co-operate with me in web design,to draw psd files,i can’t show my portfoli becaus i’m new guy here


omg, this is very complicated. if you find someone, send us your link profile for seeing your new works.


what do u mean complicated???i can’t understand


people want to know what you can do… can you code? can you design?
if you have no prove what you actually can do, nobody will join you…

if your answer is “I like design”, it will not be enough to convince others!


I think what they mean is that it is hard to find people to partner with if you do not have any work to show what you can do.

For example would you want to partner with someone here if you cannot see any designs they have done before?

With all due respect while you may be the best coder ever, it is a big ask for someone to take the time to design a website without seeing evidence of the developers capability.

Plus I appreciate you are new to here but if you can develop then you must have some websites you built right? This is what people will want to see.

It is great that you want to get involved here but it has to be approached properly


understoood,ok,I ll make some web pages,it’s news for me

but bad news


Surely if you are a developer and know how to code then there are websites you have built before?

What you build for here is not going to be the first right?


I have a feeling that whatever he does now, it’s the first time he’s doing it.
some guys think it’s like baking a cake and easily earn cash. :stuck_out_tongue:




Hi @theodous,

As per your requirement I could surely help you toward this work.
Please add me on Skype:cis.hayden
Email: hayden.cis20@gmail.com

Looking forward of your reply so that we can discuss.