We need Photoshop plugin!

Hello everyone,
We at Isometric World need your help.
The plugin we need is similar to the plugin “pixelsquid” are using with the only difference our items are static (isometric).
We have tons of items and our customers are not happy with the size of our bundles (near 100GB on each bundle), so it will be great if our customers are able to pick exactly what they need using this plugin without downloading all the files.
We are waiting for your responce and we will give you more information if necessary.
Thank you,

Why don’t you drop me an email to discuss the details.
In case of some references, you can check my Studio as well

Hi Isometricworld !

we have looked into your details and we can create an outstanding plugin for you as per your expectations and requirements. It’d be great if you could reach out to us with further details (if any)

Please drop us an email

We’ll be more than happy to assist you with our best possible services and solutions