We are looking for an awesome Web-Designer in our team

Hi, Our team are looking for an awesome Web-Designer for FreeLance work. The candidate has to be a professional (work experience - more than three years ) with a clean and modern design look.
Please contact us in the messages or via (please use envato account contacts rather than email, Skype etc) with the topic of the letter “New awesome designer”.
You are welcome :wink:

Do you need web designer?

Yes, you can send your portfolio to us

Can we talk over email?

I have almost 3 years plus experience with modern js skills like way , reactjs and vuejs


Please send your portfolio to us via messages :slight_smile:

Hello Sir,

Portfolio Link:
Link 1: https://theme.softweb-it.com/landing_page/LDP1.7/

Link 2: http://dev-softweb-news.pantheonsite.io/

Link3: https://www.softweb-it.com/

Link 4: https://mehedi.softweb-it.com/

Anybody who replied here trying to get information about the job that can be found in the post, trying to apply or submit an application or portfolio among other activities related to applying should not be hired. The instructions are crystal clear and to the point. If you are already ignoring instructions and doing your own thing then you aren’t worth being hired.