Wanted. Help my site to become mobile responsive

Hi. Are there any developers out there who can help create a CSS, or what ever it takes to help my website mobile responsive?

I purchased this template fro theme forest/envato a while ago https://themeforest.net/item/boost-html-corporate-and-magazine-site/96724

However, it’s not very mobile responsive and therefore will need some help, a quote and an expected timeframe for completion.

The site I need help with is www.youmecommunity.co.uk


There are plenty of quality WordPress customization options on Envato Studio if you’re interested :smiley:

Thanks for the reply but this is not a Wordpress website. Just a normal HTML based site

There are plenty of providers who will turn HTML into a responsive website as well :smiley:

I have a site already up and running I just need the right developer to create the necessary code to make it mobile responsive… Do you know of anyone who can do this?

The link @KingDog shared above gives you a choice of different and approved freelancers that could help.

Even though the item you bought is by one of the best authors on here, it’s still a 2010 template. Depending on “how responsive” you need it - you may find it’s easier to rebuild your site using a more up to date framework than try to hack the old one to do something it was not intended for.

Either way follow the link from @KingDog and you will have a choice of developers who you can research and ask for quotes etc. From

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I would recommend https://studio.envato.com/users/BloomPixel

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Feel free to contact :


We are experienced in making websites responsive. You can contact us on our Studio profile and we will help you in making your website responsive across all kind of devices.

Thank you