Want to share my new track!

Greetings everyone! Just want to share my new track with people :slight_smile:
This is my new work. This track i`ve create with inspiring about feeling what we can make in our life when we have ourself dreams.

Im goind to upload this job on dramatic cetegory. But before i will do this i want to know everything is perfect for this style. For now - personally im shure. But want to hear other opinions.
P.S. : I know that this is not a trend :)))

Very nice work!

Nice work! :slight_smile:

Thanks man

@_Blacksmith , just beautiful dude, everything about this piece is beautiful ! Awesome work…

Thanks a lot man. Now its time to wait a aprooved. May be a review team have another opinion…Who knows who knows…

Nice melodic track! I like it

Thanks man. Im working very hard when i made this stuff. Now im waiting for opinion of review team

" What we Think, we Become. "
:point_right: Awesome and thoughtful :point_left:

Hi @_Blacksmith I think you should immediately find a company such as Columbia Pictures ) ) ) and to offer their music , very nice very talented ) ) ) congratulations , it’s more than a commercial music !!!

Thank you very much, I tried very hard.

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Awesome. Loving this subtle and calm type of pieces. Could easily see it on a big screen. Great job dude!

Awesome. I really liked your track, thanks for sharing :grinning:

Great job man!