Want to learn from hard reject

Hi, so looking to get some feedback from my hard reject about two uploads, my first two uploads actually.

I designed 2 logo’s. One vector, the other is a picture with text. Both are editable in photoshop and other programs. The font was included, from fontsquirrel, free to commercially resell.

Thanks for the info.

Don’t get me wrong but the first one and the second one looks like it’s been designed by different people. Apart from that:

  • First one is too simple. It looks like it’s icon
  • Second one is too complex. It should be uploaded to some other category. (not exactly the same )
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The lions look like AI generated image

I was thinking the same ( AI ) but he mentioned it’s editable. I assume it’s not.

I hope you will get success too.

Why are so many rejections? Interesting.