Want to build a Government contract web portal.

Hello! I’m working on a file system similar to this:

URL: https://www.acessounico.com/licitacoes/freipaulo

Does anyone know which system I can buy? Thanks for the help.

Note: translated by google translator.

So this looks like a system for posting local government contracts. That’s a very specific system!

If it were me and I wanted the site-users to be able to find and navigate through the available positions. I would probably use a job listing plugin like this one:

Again, this sort of system is pretty specific. There are probably multiple ways to solve the problem.

Yes, it is for government contacts, but it uses a filter to search for certain government documents. The system you indicated does not allow you to post files and has a very simple search filter.

You would need a system to publish files with more advanced search filters (date, type, source).

Thank you for your help. I’ll keep waiting.

You can create advanced filtering systems with a plugin like this:

Applying that to the job portal would create something similar (and arguably more advanced) than the example.

Matt’s solution would work or search for multi facet plugins.

That said depending of course if this is internal/external, the sensitivity of the information, and with all due respect to how good most of the files are here - is it wise to depend on a third party or stock script or plugin do a government or official project?

Would it not be better to custom build a solution where you have control of what’s going on?

For example you don’t want to be depending on a third party for updates if there is a security patch released.