Want to ask how to create a feedback icon in the menu

We want to ask you how to create a button icon to connect with social media?

It’s just an image button done using HTML code

you have to create around 300px (NOT MORE THAN 300px) image for those social buttons then have to upload in any web server (better in your own web server) then have to use html code as like this for each one:

<p><a href="LINK TO YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA"><img src="WEB-URL-OF-THE-IMAGE" alt="SOCIAL MEDIA NAME" /></a></p>

within the p tag place all social buttons code (for example I have placed only one).

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@charlie4282 @mgscoder Then how to place the icon in the graphic driver settings? or through another web? or make it a “Public Bookmark” collection?

create 300px image with icon and text. icon you can create your own or download any free image.

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