Vocal sample packs, any ideas?

Hi Team AJ!

I am looking for some pop vocal sample packs with the likes of stab’s of “hey” and “woo” in a commercial sense male or female, Any idea’s on some good sample libraries that offer this?

Best regards!

I bought Lex Ruger Sample pack and there are few called “chants”… Also I’ve got few in Hit Kit v3 sample pack. In various Vangeance packs there are some more or less single samples. I was looking for more in one pack but actually I didn’t found it. If you will find something more let me know!

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Any idea where you download them from? on google there are a number of packs regarding legendary Lex Luger.

I have done a bunch of searching however the results that turn up don’t really allow one to test the packs where I can identify the sound.

I could record them in, but sometimes it’s just a little easier too slap a plugin or sample pack in that’s already been doctored (Excuse my laziness)

When I referred to “in a commercial sense” I am looking for something along the lines of Zedd - Stay, after the lyrics “Underneath the rising sun” 0:36

Thank you again!

Which one exactly do you want to find? You can find them easly using google. And you have to buy them, they are not free.