Videohive > Website rate limited !!?? Looking at my downloads

So, I may not look at all my downloads?


The error you’re seeing (429 Too Many Requests) indicates that the server you’re using has made too many requests to envato API, and is being temporarily blocked. This is an automatic process that protects envato services from accidental or malicious abuse.

There can be a couple of reasons for this:

  1. If you’re using shared hosting, there might be other sites hosted on the same server that are hitting the Envato API and you all together are exceeding the rate limit for our API. This is something you may need to ask your hosting provider.
  2. It’s possible the template you’re using is making too many requests to our API and exceeding the rate limit. This is something you’ll need to ask the template author for support on.

There is documentation about the rate limiting here (just above the API Method Listing):


Thank you @mgscoder for your quick reply.

Protecting against malicous abuse is very important and good for me as well!

It seems that you answer this question often :grinning:

My question was not about any API calls, but about me using your website - ok, can be API as well. I was simply trying to look at my downloads and that was rate limited.

And I have trouble undestanding why I should not be able to see multiple / many products on your website at the same time.

Or, to put another way: Maybe your CDN needs some tweaking :rofl:

Kind regards

As far I know when click on Download for any item envato call API. Some how request from your IP reached high and as a result rate limit.

Your issue should to solve automatically after some hours. Please check tomorrow and if still issue there please contact Envato Customer support Help ticket and let them know. Envato Customer support team will be happy to assist you.

About your search concerned:
To make better search experience with appropriate keywords so that visitors don’t need to check with all exist Items instead can use more appropriate keywords search to get less items (within 60 pages mean 1800 search results). If you look at other large search engines, you’ll see that they also do this (for example, Google searches tend to cap out at around 30 pages).