Video wordpress theme to sell videos online

Hello, i need a wordpress theme to sell videos and motion graphics online, so the client have the option to upload his own photos or videos and text to customize the motion graphics and 3d animation, what kind of wordpress theme would you suggest for me to buy that meets such requirements ?

Do you really think that you can buy such template?

So i need just an uploader ? do you think that I can’t find such functionalities?

You want that people can customize video and 3D animation on your site. You cant get that over template.

I dont need a software, just they upload the text and images we will render the scene and send it back to him. So all what he have to do is to upload photos, videos and text, that’s it.

With no preview?

You could create a simple form to submit that info but without custom previews or renders (massive money required) what it would look like, fonts, colours etc. Then it’s not very professional and you could be creating all sorts of problems for yourself

Sorry , I have understand that you want edit video and 3D on your site. For that you can use any contact form and template on Themeforest.
But if you don’t have experience it will be good to hire someone for that if you want quality site.

Do you have domain , hosting , content , logo etc?

So what do you suggest ?

Still studying the project

When you have specification for site and all ready you can send me and I will give you a quote for site.

How can we talk privately ?