Video Song

Hi guys,
I just need a video song for my next project, is there anyone has done video song which I can use for my next project?

Please let me know, it’s bit urgent. :slight_smile:

Thank you,


You mean, a song that can be used in a video? You might find one or two here probably :sunglasses:


What type of song/style? Could you be a bit more specific?

Style doesn’t matter, I just need good quality video.

If you need music that fits nice with a video and genre doesn’t matter, you can use any music of any author)

I’d be happy to collaborate, so if you like, use this:

Or this:

Hey guys I think you all misunderstand, I need a music video (not only the music track), to put on my next template.

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You can put this one I recorded with some friends last summer, if you want.

Ops, it seems I’ve misunderstood :sweat_smile:

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No, you didn’t :wink:

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Hey @3Ddym Does this YouTube playlist of AudioJungle music videos help?

Thank you @scottwills I will watch them.