Vectorized images - would they pass?

Hello! I vectorize images and I wondered if they could be sent here. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I don’t see any selection of the design element and any kind of designer stylization here. This is just a trace that anyone (not even a professional) can do in 10 seconds. Also choosen fonts looks not good

Yes, these are simply vectorized images. The oly designer thing is the color changing. I just wanted to know if here they could be accepted. Font are only for the preview images.

Sorry, but I don’t think it’s enough to be approved here. Fonts should look top notch, even if it’s just a presentation. Envato cares about their reputation, and all our items are the face of the company.

When I have more free time I’ll take a look in the tutorials. I observe the threads here and bookmark the useful ones.

the typo is not that good as u mentioned but most important lacks combinations and is definitely not readable and as such only the typo part will result in a hard rejection here anyways …

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But these are preview images. The same product has no letters.

As I said: fonts should look top notch, even if it’s just a presentation