Vector Silhouettes Feedback

Hello Everyone,

Our latest item “The Mighty Vector Silhouettes Pack” was hard rejected.

Please let me know what do you think? what is missing? what can we do, it’s sad to let it go simply like this.

Thanks :slight_smile:

hi do u think that there are other such items for sale here? i have no idea this is why i am asking … as there are free things on many websites … anyway , for the quality of the item i think that u have a problem of stroke or partition and the way u parted some parts of somme illustrations to others is just too small , too thin … as for the rest, there is much to say bout the presentation … this is globally dull and not selling, colors are all very dark , if u ask me and the yellow titles are everything but a good idea indeed … the bottom line is that u did not value anything, your drawings of course but not only the titles and so on and this is hard for u to catch people attention and give people a cool feeing about what u have done with a flat presentation in the best case … try to bring some relief, come hierarchy and some originality to the table and also a bit more graphic design , too this will help to “sell” your item to the reviewer and in case u can make it , this will more easily catch a potential buying base’s attention, too

Thanks n2n44 for your kind response, I appreciate your review and advice.

There is a lot of silhouette items in GR and free out there, but this item is unique because it has a lot of silhouettes grouped together and all share the same quality and concept of drawing (it’s not just an outline drawing) so if a customer wants to use some of the drawings from different groups in the same project, that would be more professional rather than collecting different silhouettes from different sources.

Due to the large number of shapes we had to shrink most of them to fit in the preview image and of course that affects the stroke and partition of their parts but when you see them in full size they look great. In each group we displayed one shape in somewhat large size to give an idea about the quality and show some details, we thought adding some kind of magnifying glass to show even more details and quality of work but that would look too much and make the preview crowded.

The preview looks dull and that was intentional (we even used grey color for the psd, ai, etc icon) because we sell silhouettes and that’s expected by the customer to see them in some black and white, we also wanted to highlight the total number of the included shapes. But of course there is always a room for enhancements.

Again, I do appreciate your useful feedback and advice and ofcourse we will take that in consideration if we plan to modify and resubmit it again.

well i identify what u are trying to explain and i may agree with this but the thing is that here they are judging of things in small size for logo items for instance and i would not be surprised that they do the same for this one as well and the thing is , if u do, the partition looks unclear … i know this is bothering for u but as for me, i would recommend that u increase this partition inside all the illustrations so that u look identified in small size as well … now this is up to u, i just tried to help

i do not agree with u … u do not necessarily have to make silhouettes look dark and i do not really believe that this is expected by people … in a lot of cultures, people do not like dark colors in the first place and as for a lot of people - reviewers included - they expect u to have the thing looking good , period … which is not necessarily meaning that the think looks dull or dark …

now , once again, do as u feel like, i just tried to help , i am not here to tear your arm in your back … and to be honest with u, i am using my long experience but neither i am an expert for these types of items, nor i am completely sure of what were the reasons for the reviewer to reject your item, as only he or she does …

Thanks again n2n44, it’s always a good idea to see things from another prospective and I do appreciate your input.

i definitely agree with u , now as i often mention, to be honest with u only one person could guaranty u why the item was hard rejected and hit the bull’s eye for sure, this is the reviewer himself / herself … i try my utmost to help as much as i can but we never know if this is exactly just that …