Using Enfold Theme since 2015: How do I get a token now?

Hi all. My website has been running Enfold as a (free) theme since it was created in 2015. Now, all webpages except some aspects of the home page are now down. This is because the Enfold theme (version 4.5.7) needs to be updated. To update, I need to get a token. To get a token, you have to log in with the original credentials and/or (?) have a purchase record that you have a license for Enfold.

Well, history has long since erased any memory of login credentials associated with Enfold/Envato/ThemeForest. What do I do now?

Do I have to purchase a license to get the webpages up and running? Can I request a new login to get a token without having to pay? Is there anyway it would be grandfathered in? Why did this happen with no warning? (perhaps emails were lost)

Any info is helpful as this is an urgent matter that I need to resolve asap to get the website back up and running. Thanks.

You will need to purchase a new copy. You cannot request an update ( for the files ) by using the token as you will need to download it from ThemeForest directly ( for safety reasons )

PS: Enfold was never free. It’s a premium/paid theme