Usefull app for Shopify theme's developers.

Hey Shopify theme developers,

I’m working on Shopify theme and found some Shopify limitations, like clone blog articles or pages across stores, import pre-set theme settings.

I create a free app to solve this limitations - Exim.
You can manage pages, blogs and theme settings.
Export, import, clone, provide pre-set data for you customers.

You can try it here -

Any feedback is appreciated. If this app is useful for you, feature suggestions, etc.

Best regards, Mari

if you can build a app allow move everything between 2 stores so it would be great :slight_smile:

Thank you for feedback.
App allow to move pages, blogs and theme settings between 2 and more stores. (export from source, import to destination).
In such case you can deliver demo data for customers.

What do you mean by “everything”?
Products - export/import feature provided by Shopify
Navigation - there is no API for navigation menus.

What objects is most important for you? I will think about adding it in future update.

Best regards, Mari

Brother, it’s working for thanks for sharing ExIm - Export / Import data export, import, pages, blogs, blog articles, theme settings :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks :slight_smile: