Uploading Error Message

Has anyone ever received this error when trying to upload a photo? Still waiting to hear back from help desk. I’ve deleted the image, changed the name and re-uploaded but still getting the same error message. Everything else went through fine. :woman_shrugging:

Your photo has metadata issues

description has 1:67: ERROR: htmlParseEntityRef: no name


But right below it, it says:
Original file name: DSC_7320_summer_mockup.jpg

Something in the photo description field is causing that, not in the file name. Check if you have some special characters in the photo description field, rewrite that and it should go away. Sometimes “&” in the description field causes that.


Thank you!! That worked! Apparently I’ve never used an ampersand before??? Wow! Who’d have thought!


Ampersands are a little weird. :sweat_smile:

If you want to preserve them, you can replace them with & – ultimately though I would expect Envato to automatically detect and replace these for us!