Uploader not working ?


web uploader works fine but you have to upload one by one


Solution from @jamesgiroux
Hey Everyone. Happy to report that the issue has been resolved and FTP should be working normally.


I am not able to upload for updating and changing project files with new version via web uploader which found on edit page. all time I get an error and uploads never complete for a few weeks. there is an ifo that says “use FTP” but cannot visible and selectable uploaded files via FTP on this page. this seems very strange, I ve tried different browser and still the same, I ve contacted support team already but the reason I write here actually, I want to learn that am I the only one experiencing this problem?


Once you upload via ftp using client like FileZilla, just refresh the item submission page and you will see your files there.


thanks but this is not related the item submission page’s web uploader, I am talk about on web uploader which has loceted on “edit page” - “update item and tags” page.


please check my reply there mentioned you need to refresh page to see the ftp upload files. Thanks


I understand you but refreshing not useless for me also, thanks.


Then please wait for Envato Support reply.


Envato support says that, ftp.marketplace.envato.com can be used for FTP item updates. that url is working good for item updates for me…