Upload approved graphics to Elements

I was trying to upload my already approved market item to elements, for this I tried to enter the item ID and add item but still it comes to the item creation page and tell me so upload the main deliverables manually, and once done it goes to the review where the item is already approved in Market. I’m pretty confused here, please can any body help me in this regard, How this works? do we need to be in review qeue twise ?

It doesn’t matter how many approved items you have on Market, on Elements must upload item again and must pass review… item ID it means nothing, for me was declined several approved items on Market ( of course I don’t know the reason).
From my experience it is not worth uploading at all Market items with good sales, on the Elements that sale will stop at the Market and the earnings are very low, with the fact that it will immediately appear on pirate sites.