Updating KIngsizeTheme/MaxButton Plug In Issue

I recently updated my Kingsize theme to ver.6.0

Several issues arose that I am now dealing with.

  1. MaxButton plugin-the button labels no longer appear. When the page uploads the labels appear for a second and then…gone.
  2. On a different page, all my images overlay on one another as well as over the text and headings. I have tried without success to repair.

Any suggestions would be helpful.



This is your item support with author of @OWMLabs

you can ask any kind of question about your purchase theme at here as a comments


Thank you @unlockdesign for the mention.

@skypi as mentioned you’ll need to contact us for your buyer support. We do have Buyer Support Forums available for our buyers, https://owmlabs.ticksy.com (also mentioned on our Theme Details, and documentation). We encourage you visit these forums to seek out all and any of your Buyer Support.

Please note our support of 3rd-party plugins is limited, but we’ll certainly have a look.