Updating Edits

Can I update an existing track with new edits?
For example, lets say I’ve track approved for sales which is 2.00 minutes long.
And I’ve come up with an alternative version of it, which 15 seconds long.
Can I include the new short version in existing track?
Or should I upload it as a new submission?
Thanks in advance.

Yes, you can.
In the edit tab.

Hi, thanks for the fast response.
When doing so, should I upload a new preview file including all the versions?

Yes. Update tha main file and the preview.

Thank you so much. :+1:

Interesting question: but could this new update been rejected? It’s said that any edits in that tab will pass review process

Yes it is. I’ve submitted 2 additional tracks for an existing track. It still in the review process. I’ll let you know the result.

UPDATE: Got approved within 3 hours.
Since the main file is already got approved, I think the updates have high chance of getting approved. (Most of the instrumentation, mixing and mastering are almost the same)