Travel powerpoint/keynote template

Hi everyone.

I´m planning a family trip and want to make a presentation for the trip.

I am looking for a PPT or Keynote template to show the trip plan/journey. Every template I see is more focused on travel agencies or selling trips than a plan itself.

For more detail, what I want to do is show a detailed plan for each day of the travel (which hotel are westaying, the places we will visit on that day, etc).

Any suggestions?

Thank you!!!

If you tried something like Travelita - The Complete Package of Travel Presentation by MalotaStudio or better still Vacation PowerPoint Presentation by StockShape | GraphicRiver then you could definitely
Come up with something nice.

Don’t take things too literally - the layouts don’t have to be exactly the same content that is in the demos - you can easily adapt different sections to match what you need