Track rejected. Need help to understand the reason.

Hello, colleagues!
I need your help. Track rejected.
Please help to understand what the problem is.
My versions:

  • the slowdown in the middle of the track
  • the end of the track

p.s. Why don’t they write what exactly the problem is. At least a couple of words about what i need to corrected. In order not to make this mistake in the future.Is there any email address of technical support?

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The slowdown is a good thing , just the whole kitchen sounds like an accompaniment !) Too monotonous drums ! Need to change drums and to improve harmony )))

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Thank You!

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I think it sounds a bit “post-soviet” and “russki rock” lol :smiley:
Sound of drums is very dry and the beat is really boring. And personally I don’t like the strings either
This is the first reason.
The second reason is that it really sounds not commercial and I don’t know which project this music will fit.

Try to copy the sound and ideas of top authors, and then try to bring in your tracks your personal ideas. AJ is a market with its strict needs and unfortunatelly your track doesn’t meet them. But don’t be sad, try once again!

Hello ! It seems to me the strings, that background is too intrusive and sawing on a volume of the entire track, the drums are too dim and switch to tone up, which is also in the middle there is nothing here. Something like this))

The drum sound is quite poor, and doesn’t feel consistent with the other instruments stylistically. The orchestral instruments in the background lack detail and refinement, they seem fake and cheap. The guitar solo is well played, but I don’t think this is the kind of music people are looking to buy, I’m fairly confident the reviewers at AJ know their market well, and they don’t want to fill up the site with music that is not in demand.

Mix-wise you might want to pay attention to the very low frequencies on the kick, below 40 or 50hz, they are untamed on this track.