Town Portal Build

Hey there guys i want to build a town portal that will have as features:

news from the world and from town / Blog

Ads/listings/ like in


What i try it till now

I paid 180$ for a script from and he supposed to translate the script in english and my national language thing that him did not so i had to give up as it a lot work to do to translate this i try it to hire someone but they asked me more that i paid for the script so i had to quit this one

i would like to try now to modify/buy/setup a social script and make it work as a town portal

Anyone can recommend me some options
Side note i try it till now some mixts of : wordpress, drupal, joomla and i did not found a best solutions

I have a IPB and WoltLab (forum scripts) licenses if this help with something

I will pay you if you do a script to fulfill this