Totally Disappointed by Many Rejections of My Many Products

I have Submitted About 7 Product Now It Took My Arround 3 Years of Complete Deveopment Of these Product. All Product Have Build from Scratch. Not A Single Product Have Been Aprroved.
One Recent Product Have Been Uploaded by Me and After Uploading the Product. Immediatly I received an Email from Envato That We have Reviewed your Product. This is ridiculous How Your Team Can Review my Entire Product in just 50 Sec. And Send the Mail that we Have Reviewed YOUr Product and Rejected.

Totally Dissappointed By Envato

If you want feedback then you should share demo links to what you submitted

ECRM is a powerful yet easy-to-use Cloud software that streamlines the business operations of a company in the field service industry.

Customer calls service centre or book complaint
Complaint in CRM can booked by your call center.

Service centre assigns complaint to field engineer
Service center assign calls to field engineer based on their availability.

Service technician received job alert
Once the call is assigned field engineer will immediately received the alert by SMS and notification.

Field engineer visit on-site, fixes the issue and close the complaint
Field engineer updates the job information along with spare parts used, capture real-time photos, digital signature with customer, ask for the OTP to close the complaint.

username =
password = superadmin

username =
password = asc

username =
password = customercare

username =
password = technician

username =
password = wherehouse

My WhiteLable Ecommerce Application.

Admin Can Transfer/Revert Wallet Balance in Distributor and Retailer Accounts.
Admin Can See the the transcation History
Admin Can Send Notice to Distributors and Retailers

Distributors Can Add Retailers.
Retailers works on Commision Structure with Distributors

Distributor and Retailer Can Apply For Printing Service. They have to Fill a Application Form
Role Admin
mobile Number = 7999452711
password = 988742
mobile Number = 9584207606
password = 12341234
mobile Number = 8989621891
password = 45455627

While I’m not the right person to comment on the back end of things like this, you do have a couple of glaring challenges

  1. front end execution needs to be premium which on the examples above is not the case. The items can’t only rely on clever back end features.

  2. relevance to the marketplace. What you have built is big (perhaps in places difficult to test even).

I can’t see any business committing (it would mean significant resource, technology, data and infrastructure changes) on that scale to a stock item, let alone searching something like envato for it.

Whether it’s CRM, commerce or otherwise are simply (with respect) too many established tools, platforms, software that are dedicated to these purposes, proven to deliver, look great and which have the capacity to scale and support as required.

Again, what you’ve created looks impressive - I just don’t think there is a demand or fit for it here

Is it possible to get reject in 50 seconds?
I see other topics where result for 1 minute.

So We Can’t Build anything new Out of the Box. Build Build the classic Ecommerce Newspaper Right.?
Why These Whitelable Ecommerce Rejected. This Market Place not have even a single whitelable Ecommerce Solution

Then There Must Be Demand Of Ecommerce. Why My Whitelable Ecommerce Product is Rejected

That could happen if demos didn’t work, part of the submission process was not completed correctly.

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It’s not that you can’t build them (and I am not a reviewer), it is about the relevance of that to a stock marketplace and the type of people buying items here.

It would be a big investment for someone to adapt their CRM or Ecom to your platform, and aside from the fact that a very small % of people would actually be looking on a stock website for software to do this, there will be concerns with support, security etc. .v. the established free or premium platforms out there.

Approving items here is not only about the coding etc. itself - the item needs to be relevant and offer sales potential.

Can I Resubmit The Ecommerce Project. Bcoz Its Whitelable Good Design and Backend.

I am not a reviewer so I don’t know that this is definitely the case for your item. Typically, once you have been hard rejected, then you need to make significant changes to be able to resubmit otherwise you could find upload privileges being blocked.

Did you submit all the documentation etc. correctly as well as the demo?

The ecom demo execution is a long way from the necessary standards (this will add to and highlight the concerns mentioned above for any buyer). Plus those demos look like working sites? As an exclusive author here, you wouldn’t be able to be using/sharing it elsewhere too.

Are there other Whitelabel ecommerce items currently for sale on Codecanyon?

This rather proves our point - this is not the right place fo this type of item.

Why would a buyer choose yours over one of the numeorus and established and proven (free or premium) commerce solutions out there?

Sorry I didn’t Uploaded the Documentation Along with the SourceCode.

At Least Author Should know What they are doing wrong. Else many Author Like me Stop Uploading Project. I Need Documentation than i can Upload the Documentation. Envato Must Tell Author to Compulsory Upload The Documentation on Every Product that they are trying to upload

Feeding back on every upload is not feasible or the right thing for envato to do, but the requriements are right at the top of the page when you upload items

If these are not completed correctly then you are just wasting your own and the reviewer’s time.

That aside with respect there’s not much more to add here.

Assuming you make enough updates to resubmit then it’s your choice to try again. but I would strongly urge you to consider all the feedback above and why there are not other items for sale like this already.

Thank you Charlie For You Suggestion and Updates.
Your Feedback is appreciable

I took a quick look and got completely lost in the functions and functionalities of these projects. I think they are good, I bet they function bug-free, but I think they are either custom developments for certain businesses that actually are not market-oriented for CodeCanyon. I think they will in a few years. You could try selling your apps directly to businesses that use these kinds of apps.

I personally don’t see CodeCanyon users downloading and using these, only if they buy the big license and distribute to local businesses, as they were the creator of the app :))

So congrats.
Try and distribute locally to businesses or contact people that could help you do so.
It looks like personalized business solutions, way above CodeCanyon market.
different targeting


Bummer, it took me 50 seconds to find the two spelling errors on the front dashboard… Does that bode well for the rest of the code?