Top New Authors! Our little win!

Hello there! :vulcan_salute: Today found out that I on the list of :fire: top new authors! :fire:That is unbelievable! Another little win, thx community, and Envato. Also, my congratulations to all lucky guys, that on this list too! Good job! :sunglasses:
P.s. Sry for my Runglish :smile:


Congratulations, man!:tada::confetti_ball: Great start!)

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Cogratulations… Im also in Top New authors. Nice surprise for us.

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Good job guys!

Good job! :smiley:

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Congratulation guys ! But anyone can explain me how is it made because the first guy in the top is member since 2011…I thought it was only the recent members isn’t it ?

Hmm, very strange… And items were downloaded 2015, 2016 years…

:slight_smile: lol yes indeed it’s strange !