Too much delay in Graphics item review

Hi friends,
Just curious when this delay of 8 -9 days end… Whew. or it’s just happening with me :smiley:



Check this GraphicRiver review time.

Remember it is probable time not fixed time.

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Yea but should this improve. Earlier in 2-3 days used to happen.

hi Brij, well this is a bit the same for me, if u ask me, awe should just wait patiently as rushing at this time is not really useful , sales are bad anyways

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Me too it’s happening with me iam still waiting my items review

Damn it! It’s already 8 days and still item not moved… Cmon. … this is too much…

mine was rejected after 8 + days lol the thing is that this instability due to waiting time varying make it hard to organize so that would be great if it could be more stable

Mines also was rejected after 15 days