Ticket support unlock account very long time

Hi All,

i have create ticket for support unlock my account in themeforest and after 7h still wait? i go to themeforest with company network. in my company block paypal.com and i use proxy access to themeforest and go to paypal.com checkout. after confirm location authen code. my account has been block in themeforest :frowning:
i don’t know why site lock my account? and now. my job delay from morning to now. i very angry!

Usually you get an answer from the help team within max 48 hours

But for this case of tickets they answer quickly as I know

Yes, but the answer is not to mention the issues I need Solved?
Sorry, my english not good.

So you got the reply from the Help Team. In this case you can reply to that ticket. Give in your reply more details to solve your problem