THREE rejected items get Publishing by LA company, let's hope for the best :)

I am so confused here on AJ because I CANT get an item approved in 4 months, it seems so strange to me…after a year I got better at this but every single thing I submit is rejected. :slight_smile:
Good news I want to share with this beautiful community…I got now an Author’s contract with a LA based publishing company, thanks to 3 hard rejected items here on AJ
I hope for the best, and good sales everyone!


Keep in mind that many publishers will take your tracks just to see if they are selling. If you won’t have success with them they’ll drop you and refuse to accept further submissions. A contract has nothing to say if it’s limited to a handful of tracks. If you have a REAL contract on the other hand, then congratulations.

Good Luck.

keep it positive my friend, I know what I am signing for :slight_smile: it’s a real contract…
I just wanted to share some happy news after months worthless.
thanks anyway.