Threating Email From Copytrack Regarding image used


We have had an email from Copytrack threating us for using an image of one of their clients on a website.

The image on the site is from Envato Elements :

We have been registered with Envato Elements since 2021 and never had a problem before as all images are licensed and we can use these on websites according to terms and conditions?

They seem a legit company so no idea why there are trying to get money out of us for an image we are all ok to use?

Any help be great,

What are they claiming? It’s pretty hard to identify a brand/client in such a generic asset

It might be best to take it down and send them a link to the item on elements and to envato elements licensing info in the process.

Copytrack is where photographers upload photos they are selling through stock platforms, or sold already, or simply photos they have uploaded somewhere, to keep track of how those are used. They do that to prevent spreading of those photos from places where those photos were actually used with license. Many people go right click and save photo they see in some online magazine, website, blog, and reuse further. Therefore authors use Copytrack to prevent such misuse. The moment they spot those photos anywhere they claim photo and trying to charge for that photo usage splitting amount they pick with copyright owner. As you have a license, you shouldn’t worry as that covers usage of that photo, and you just need to reply to them and show that you have a license as explained already above. In case they would push further, then the best is that you just message that author through his profile on PhotoDune, but if no response then reach out to Envato Elements support here and they will notify author about this problem.

As long as you have legally purchased the image then there is not much Copytrack can do.

They are a legitimate business but how do you define legitimate? They like most photo tracking companies will do Google Reverse Image Searches, and then send out emails to unsuspecting people claiming damages.

If there is a dispute, then best to remove the image from the website concerned as @charlie4282 says, and then sort out the finer details.

My advice though is simple:

  1. DO NOT PAY them anything, nor admit liability

This is not the first time companies like this try their luck with heavy handed tactics hoping for you to cave in and send them some dosh.